Our BeliefS



We, hereby, affirm our acceptance of the Statement of Faith adopted by The Southern Baptist Convention in 1963, and propose to be a church of our Lord Jesus Christ: engaging in the proclamation of the Gospel, teaching the Bible respectfully and responsibly, involving ourselves in meaningful and dignified worship, ministering to the needs of each other and to all humanity, and witnessing to the love of God through missionary effort and support to all mankind.



To practice being the love of God to all people within and without its fellowship.



To provide conditions for worship which foster awareness of the presence of God and response in obedience to God.


To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the salvation of the lost and for the edification and comforting of the saints; to participate in the needs of each other and of all others through a ministry of caring, loving, sharing, and helping unselfishly in the name of Jesus.


To promulgate the cause of Christ to the entire world through recognized and accepted channels of missionary endeavor.

To promote an ample understanding of the Scriptures through effective and responsible teaching;

To Encourage

And to produce a fellowship under the influence of the Holy Spirit, which recognizes and accepts the dignity and equality of all who stand at the foot of the cross of Jesus.

To Fulfill